Thursday, June 17, 2010

The way we spent our day

It's not like the fence doesn't need staining, or that birthday gift doesn't need to be made, or supper made, or the garden needing weeding, or the elder tree cut to the ground, or the house needing cleaning, or everyone's hungry, or it's Father's Day on Sunday and we have no gift purchased or made, or that Alice's bed head needs to be dealt with, or I need to build more pea supports, or homework needs to be done.

None of that is more important than this.

This is how we spent our afternoon.

Visit Songdrops for many more of the same stuff.

Waste some of your precious time too. It'll make me feel less lazy.


Bonita said...

Oh my word... that totally made my day! I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow... so cute!!

Bryant said...

Glad you like the song Evelynn. ~Bryant Oden

Evelyn in Canada said...

That's cool - the composer of the song was here! We love all of his songs, the sillier the better.

Bonita said...

Whoa... that's so cool that Bryant Oden left a note on your blog, Ev! :-)