Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off Limits

This is a season of secrets. The good kind of secrets, but some people want to share everything with me. While it's great that the kids are so excited to give to each other, I actually don't want to see everything before Christmas Eve. Where is the surprise in that?

I am getting better at secrets though. I'm sharing with Yvon because technically the gifts are from him as well, and it's always good for him to know what he's given the kids. I remember my dad used to say "That's great - Who gave it to you?" "You did." That's a bit too much secrecy. You should never shop with your eyes closed.
Anyway, roughly following my year of handmade gifts, I am trying to make the majority of the gifts for the kids. Although they'd love a Nintendo, I think that memories are rarely made in the malls. Nor are those gifts kept and cherished often.

I remember a handmade stuffed rabbit that I found pre-Christmas under the covers of my parent's bed. I loved that rabbit and Mom had to fix the ears on it many times. I also loved a pair of purple pants that Mom made for me when I was in junior high. I particularly remember that they went all the way from my waist to the tops of my shoes, no ankles or socks showing. The simple pleasures of a tall stick girl.

Content on this site will increase if I'm allowed to disclose what goes on in the sewing room, so I'm locking the door on the blog until Christmas Day. No little eyes peeking! And I hope we'll be too busy on Christmas Day to be on the internet. Boxing Day then.
I needed to share the gift I finished yesterday because he's a cutie!
Laura had seen these pillows/stuffies in a kiosk in The Mall. You know the one I mean. I almost never go there, and it's worse than ever at this time of year. You have to circle the parking lot to find a spot, and it just gets worse once you are inside. The music blares, the fountains gurgle, the lights are too bright and it always feels air conditioned, even while it's -20 outside.
And when you bring kids, there are always lots of things they want. Laura actually started to cry when she saw the price tag on these animals because she knew I wouldn't buy one for her.
She's right, but I could see what a simple design they were.
While shopping at one of my favourite shops, one of the fabric variety, my friend and I kept touching this soft pink fabric and I knew that I'd be able to make it into something Laura could love. Another shopper followed me and the bolt around the store because she wanted to cuddle a grandchild in whatever fabric I didn't buy. There was barely enough for the two of us, but in order for her grandchild to get any, I bought a remnant piece with a mark on it for 70% off. I worked around the stain and made the whole stuffie for $3!
I was stumped about how to make the head, but with one simple question on my favourite forum (Down-to-Earth, an Aussie blog and forum) I was given a link to a pig pattern. I didn't use it in the end, but it had great ears that I wasn't doing quite right before.
His head is a little lobsided, but I think he just looks shy like his new friend Laura. I think I'll leave it that way.
And with a simple unbutton, the stuffy becomes...

... a comfy pillow. I hope she likes it. I know I could have a nap on it with no problem. It's the softest fabric I've ever felt. If you were making him for a baby, you might want to embroider the eyes, but I hate handsewing and an 8-year old isn't likely to swallow a button, so I went the easy route.

Thank you, kind ladies on the forum! I hope I can help you out one day.


Rosa said...

That is the cutest stuffy I have EVER seen!
Good for you1
laura's going to love it. :)

Coralee said...

such a great gift! I had an elephant pillow that I slept on/with until I got married - so I'm sure you'll get many "miles" out of this one!

Laura said...

How adorable THIS Laura loves it!!!

Bonita said...

That is so cute!! I wish we lived closer so that you could teach me (or motivate me??)... I know my kids would love something like that! Maybe one day I'll be able to motivate myself to do some of these cute projects, 'cause I'm not moving anytime soon!! And it's way too cold there anyway.... :-)