Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another baker in the family

In keeping with my trend towards local food, I bought rennet today. I am going to try making mozzarella cheese and I'm very excited! I'll make sure that I post about the results, even if I fail miserably.

And in a 180 degree direction away from my trend towards local food, we ate hot dogs and Kraft Dinner for supper. It's one of those meals that I will probably never totally dismiss from our diet. I really do like it. Because I hate to waste food, a song popped into my head as I cleared the table - Jimmy Buffet's Wiener Water Soup. But no, I didn't save the water. I was quite happy to dump it, but it was funny that I even thought about it.

And now I'm eating Cheetos for dessert because I really like that too. And because I have the house to myself for an hour and I don't have to share. Ha!

Back to Christmas presents...

Although Beth says she likes to bake, the real baker in the house is Laura. And this apron is for her.

This is upcycled from a dress I had as a much smaller person, maybe in high school already. I made it then and loved it. It had a very wide circular skirt. It seemed a pity not to use the whole circle, so this is decidely more feminine than Beth's apron.

It's not exactly an unqualified success. I should have used a pattern for this one because I had to sew the bib portion twice and it's still not quite right. An adjustment may still be required after I see her in it.

Even though it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it, I still love the fabric and the general shape of it.

May many good cookies get produced in the upcoming years! And maybe in time it will translate to a night off of cooking supper for me as well.

But somehow it's harder to get a child enthused about vegetables and meat when sugar-y cookies could be made instead.


Coralee said...

another beautiful project, Ev!

Janet said...

Wow you're going to make cheese! Very interesting! What next? I have never heard the wiener water song - I must remember to get you to sing it next time I see you.:0)

Bonita said...

I remember that dress quite fondly as well... I always loved the flowy-ness of it, and the flowered pattern. How awesome that you didn't throw it out... why is that anyway? I don't own anything from my teen years.

Evelyn in Canada said...

I can find no weiner water soup song online and I've looked everywhere! I thought it was Jimmy Buffet. I wonder where I heard it? If anyone else knows this song, I'd love to hear it again myself.