Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In which the angels sang

Many angels sang this weekend.

And we were able to spend hours listening to them. They were sweet. They were musical. Some of them were truly gifted.

My youngest angel was among the sweet as opposed to the gifted, but she made me go all teary every time.

And trust me, I heard her many times over the course of the 4 hour dress rehearsal. Poor kid. She just experienced for the very first time that you can have a sore throat for more reasons than the common cold or H1N1 (although she told me that's what she had).

I'm surprised that screaming at her sisters doesn't also have that effect on her throat, but apparently not. Or not yet.

Anyway, her debut solo was a treat for us to hear, all 8 bars of it. She didn't seem nervous at all and I envy that. If I were more patient, I'd get her video clip onto Youtube for your listening pleasure but maybe it's something only her parents really appeciate.

Laura also sang with her angels, the Taylor Baptist Community Children's Choir. They were really great. In tune, together, harmonizing -- all the things you don't really expect from children without training. It's their first concert and there was a real mix of talents in the group and the director is good at finding them out.

I'm glad Laura got in at the youngest age. Now she can sing with them for a few years before having to go elsewhere. I do hope she continues because I'd love to share singing with someone in the family. Why have girls if you can't force your interests on them? That's what I'm trying to do anyway.

And to end the post, have a listen to the "Amen" portion of one of Laura's songs. It's a lovely thing.


Coralee said...

tried to access the link, but sadly it is flagged as a private video - would love to see it. Also, cousins can also appreciate sweetness!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Sorry - I fixed that now.

Coralee said...

so very sweet!