Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Sewing Project...Finally

Still nothing from my list of sewing projects for myself, but that's okay. I didn't have to buy a thing and that appeals to my "frugal" side.

I'm just about ready for the kids to go back to school on Wednesday (actually, I'm really ready!), but I still had one thing left to do.

Laura and Beth both had massive binders on their list of school supplies. Why exactly does a Grade 4 student need to carry a 2" zippered binder? It's more than I ever carried with me in university. Being an obedient parent, last year I bought the big binder and regretted it all year. It didn't fit in her good backpack, and in reality she only ever carried a few pieces of paper in it, and maybe a duotang for her Reading Journal (which rarely got written in, but that's another story).

This year I bought Beth a laptop bag that successfully fits the big binder. It's nice enough, but it's black and grey and didn't suit Laura very well. She said, "If it's cheaper, you can make me a bag." Isn't that sweet? I haven't worked all summer, and I've obviously talked about finances too much in their presence.

And then (even sweeter) she said, "And if you don't finish it in time for school, that's okay. I'll just carry the binder." I love this kid. She knows me so well.

Anyway, because she was so understanding of my shortcomings, I decided to try harder to have it done in time.

I didn't start until yesterday but I finished it by 3:00. Yippee!

Laura helped me to pick coordinating fabrics from my stash and I stole zippers, hooks and handles from other ruined backpacks and bags.

It's got a small zippered pocket on the front for little "treasures".
And it's got a big zippered pocket inside the flap, with places for pencils.

And little loops to attach her key chain collection, or hang her lunch bag. And an elasticized pouch for a water bottle.

You can't see it, but it's also lined with waterproof fabric.

When Laura saw it, she said very excitedly, "It's just like it's store-bought!" After hours of sewing, I could take offence at that, but in reality it means that she likes it and will actually proudly use it.

And now we're all ready for school.


Rosa said...

WoW! That bag looks awesome!
How would you like to make ME a cool bag with pockets? If I"M going to buy a bag I'd RATHER buy hand made! :)

Coralee said...

oh great job - love her compliment, too! I have heard so many sewing mom's tell stories of the hours they'd worked on a project only for it to be rejected by their children. I've kinda resigned myself to experience that someday :)

Adventures of Deesa said...

oh Wow! Thats an awesome bag! want to make me one next!?

Teddi Taylor said...

Very nice! That is really the best compliment you can get from a kid that age.