Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been away. Not for long, but long enough for me to miss my family and to think it's good to be back.

I irrationally think that things change in my absence. I was thinking about that as I drove north on the highway. It's not reasonable to think that just because I've been busy, just because I've been away, all sorts of things happen here too. The garden always has some changes but the messes I've left behind at home are usually still there. The work I didn't finish usually waits for me and I pick up exactly where I left off.

I went through all that rational thought as I drove through our neighbourhood, not seeing anything different and knowing that I shouldn't expect anything different. Why should people paint their houses in my absence? Or build a new garage? It's only been six days.

And then I rounded the corner and saw our house. The same, with one big change.

There's a tree where no tree stood 6 days ago. Yay! The city said that it may take 4 years to catch up on the boulevard tree plantings. This is a nice surprise. Also, it's an elm. A much nicer tree to replace the dead ash that was there last year. (I wonder if there's a logical reason why they didn't put it in the dead patch where the old tree used to be. Wouldn't the decaying roots provide a natural compost right where the new tree needs it?)

And the kids always look a bit older than they are in my memory. I don't know why I imagine them so young.

But then she grinned, and became a little girl again. One with a new gap between her teeth and a small white tooth in her pocket.

And the tooth fairy visited this girl's pillow last night. I thought I was the only one in the house who knew the tooth fairy's phone number, but I must have scribbled it down for Yvon one time because she was dutifully called and visited. She'll be surprised by another call tonight. I hope she gets Frequent Flier points.

And the last change involves stretchy pants. I've been picnicing through the Okanagan with picnic queens.

Between the wine and the food consumed, I think I'll be going to bed hungry for a while and trying to visit the gym more frequently.

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Bonita said...

stretchy pants are evil... burn them.