Sunday, September 27, 2009


Years ago I belonged to a group of university-aged youth who read and contributed to electronic bulletin boards, the 1980s equivalent of web-based forums. We had an annual award ceremony and twice I won the "Lurker of the Year" award. Not something to be proud of, but see how far I've come? I don't just read blogs anymore. I comment on them and I write one. I don't just read and watch, but I actually participate. I'm so proud of my progress.

My lurker abilities still shine at Bible studies and prayer groups. Maybe in twenty years I'll be over that too. I have a slow learning curve.

It's not all about me though. There are lurkers here and I want to know who some of the non-family blog visitors are. The way other bloggers to do this is to offer a contest, and I promised to do that once my ad income reached $10.

Guess what? Someone has been clicking occassionally on the ads and after only 8 months I've reached the goal. (Trust me, this is not a money-making venture! Nor was it meant to be.)

I can guarantee it won't be anything spectacular. No KitchenAid mixers or Nikon cameras, trips to our guest home or a $500 gift certificate to anywhere. I can't afford that, but I do have $10 that I didn't have before.

What should I give away? Alice says "POPCORN! EVERYONE LOVES POPCORN" It won't be popcorn, but I'll give it some thought and try to attract more than three comments that day.


Coralee said...

well, I may not be a different commenter, but you need the same ones to add to in order to increase right? I've really been enjoying getting to know you through your blog and our little bits of conversations online. I hope we will get to meet next time we're in Etown!

Teddi Taylor said...

Hi Evelyn, it's me, Teddi. When my aunt was poor (she might still be poor, but we don't get gifts from her anymore), she used to give each family an mandarin orange box full of popcorn balls for Christmas. It probably cost more in postage than it was worth, but we loved them.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Teddi: So little Alice was onto something then. Popcorn would be acceptable? :-)

Coralee: I'm glad you're checking up on me and reading along. When we finally meet again we'll feel like we're not starting from scratch.

Garth Wood said...

Lurk. ;-)

Evelyn in Canada said...

That is too, too funny! Garth would have been one of the voters for my prestigious award 20 years ago. Now I'm going to have to vote for you!

the Melodious Mama said...

well, how have I done on the $75 challenge?? pathetic!!! really pathetic!! a trip to the coast combined with moving sept 1st (thus no pantry stock-flours/oats, garden or canning etc) has made this very much an above average time for food costs. eek!

How about you?? looks like you've had a bountiful harvest!