Thursday, July 4, 2013

Early July Garden

Just an update on the garden.  The speed at which it fills out always amazes me.  Year after year I forget how full it gets and how far apart I should be planting things. 

Carrots going to seed.  I've never managed to overwinter carrots before.

The straw bale garden around the swing set

May 29 back garden...

...and now.
Climbing beans, some 5 ft. tall already

I'm so happy that it's summer. 

After years of thinking about it and looking around for a table and chairs to move outdoors, I found our table in the basement and just moved it outdoors.  As the plants grow, we'll feel less exposed to the neighbourhood, but I don't really care.  There's rarely anyone else outside, and if there are interested neighbours, they are welcome to join us in our meals and games.


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Rosa said...

Great idea Ev! Your garden looks great!