Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Activities List

Every year I mean to do this, but I never do.  I sat down with the girls sometime in June and we made a list to go on our fridge of activities we'd like to do this summer.

We won't do them all.  I don't even want to try, but it gives us somewhere to look if we have restless days, days when we are bored.  And some of the things have been on my own wish list for years.


2012 Summer Activities List

Alberta Art Museum (free on the last Thursday night of each month)
Devonian Gardens (discounted for gardening club members on July 18)
Swimming/kayaking (but we need to do more)
124th Street Art Gallery walk
Fishing (with someone to teach us and assemble our rods properly)
Paddleboat rental
Rock Climbing (UofA has a good wall)
Mini golf
Horseback riding
Weiner roast/s'more making (but we need to do more)
Heritage Park (planned for August long weekend)
Calgary Zoo (planned for August long weekend)
Shakespeare in the Park (Pay-as-you-can on Tuesday nights)
Valley Zoo
Telus World of Science
Humane Society to spend time with adoption animals
Wash van with buckets
Outdoor movie party
Visit my parents
Theatre production
Street Performers Festival
Stony Plain Museum/Gallery (a church friend has paintings in the gallery this summer)
Stay in a hotel (went to Hinton/Jasper for the May long weekend)
Skating in the mall
Cinnamon buns at Kingsway Mall
Batting Cages or driving range
Taber Corn Festival (Aug. 25-27) - includes a rodeo, so we could cross two things off!
Corn Maze
Ukrainian Village
Torrington Gopher Museum
Picnic in downtown park
Visit Mandolin's Books & Coffee Shop
Eat at Mr. Wong's restaurant (a substitute teacher that the girls all like)
Go to every outdoor pool in the city (we've gone to 2 so far)


We have done a few things already, and on the rainy day this week it was great to have the list to refer to.  We spent some time petting the dogs and cats at the Humane Society unless our allergies got to be too much.  It's hard to walk away from all those dogs without wanting one though.

I wonder how many we'll find time for.  It was fun just to hear some of the things they wanted to do.  Cinnamon buns at the mall?  Washing the van?  I'm pretty sure we can handle that!

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Coralee said...

Looks like a great list! Love it!