Friday, July 13, 2012

Beat the Heat

Here's my theory.  You can't.  It's been too hot for too long, so you've just got to suck it up and get out there.

Testing the inflatable kayak

Kayaking up to the pelicans at Hasse Lake

Our own strawberries!

Parking downtown offers interesting views

Street Performer's Festival

The best heatbuster in Edmonton!

3D Sidwalk art

Humourous portapotty signage - the volunteers even walked you to your "seat"

Togetherness with my grownup daughter
The other thing we did this week to beat the heat was to camp in the city.  Down in a ravine is a wonderful little campground that feels like you've left the city.  One bonus of the location was that at 3:00 am when the hail is falling on us, and the rain is dripping on our heads, we can drive home!  We did have two days of fun there though and it was a bit cooler among the trees beside the creek. 

Today's schedule:  a spray park and setting up the wet tent to dry in our neighbour's yard.

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Coralee said...

looks like a great time! love the porta potty service...too funny!