Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Besides gardening, spring brings other things to our lives.

Today it brings a very welcome light rain. After all of the gardening, I'm more than happy to be indoors today with my sewing machine. One day I'll deplete my stash by making clothing for myself, but not today. Alice has gotten 5 orders for crayon rolls from girls in her class. If they were close friends I'd do it for free, but I don't really know these girls and it does take a bit of time to sew.

Spring also makes Grade 6'ers act older.  Like they are done with elementary school and ready to move on.  Laura is showing some independence lately. Last week, she and her best friend wanted to go the zoo. Not necessarily without me, but somehow I didn't feel exactly wanted. I dropped them off with their cameras, snacks and books (to read in the sun and hang out), and they had a great time.

Today she is spending a day shadowing another Grade 6 girl in the french immersion school she will attend next year. Although shy and worried, I'm hoping she'll meet some friends and gain a bit of confidence so that she won't worry over the summer about the change. It certainly helps that Beth loves it there and is doing so well.

My kids amaze me with their ability to deal with public speaking and performance. Beth was chosen earlier in the year as one of three out of 70 kids to represent her school grade at a French Oral Gala for Edmonton's Catholic Schools and did just great. She'd never really spoken French before September, yet her pronounciation was selected as being among the best. She wasn't nervous in front of hundreds of people and did really well. I may have said this before, and it's okay to show a bit of pride, but I'm just so surprised how quickly she's caught on, how the new language hasn't really set her grades back, how it all seems so natural and easy to Beth.

This weekend both Alice and Beth had their piano recitals and looked like they actually had fun. When I was a kid (and still now) getting up in front of others to play or speak freaked me out. I'm so glad they don't have that fear. When Youtube finally loads the short clip, you can hear them play a short duet together.

We also went to another funeral this weekend. Yvon's aunts and uncles, although showing longevity, are getting older for sure and the funerals are getting more frequent. This time it was a favourite aunt and we were able to spend time with his sister from the coast and sister-in-law as well. Funerals aren't all about sadness. It was good to see them.

I think I have to go for a short walk before the rain stops totally and it still smells fresh and lilac-y out there.

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Donna Milward said...

Becom,ing a gardener makes me love the rain, plus it's a great excuse to stay inside and write!

Hope the girls are doing good and I'm, also sorry for your loss. Stay well Ev!