Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ipod benefits

Beth has a new ipod and I love some of the things she finds on it.  Cool games, music, photography, she follows Jamie Oliver's Instagram thingy, and who knows what else. 

Actually, we do know "what else" because so far we know her passwords for everything and she generally shares everything with us or asks before joining things or participating in new sites.  She even has her own Facebook account now -- before I do!  Yvon monitors it and the whole thing is a bit scary for me, but she's a good kid and I guess we have to learn how to slowly let go.

Anyway, in the absence of anything really exciting going on around here, I thought I'd share a quote with you that Beth showed me.

"I love it when I buy a bag of air and the company is nice enough to put a few chips in it."

It made me giggle.  I think I want an ipod.

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Unknown said...

You do.

Audiobooks. Free from the library via Overdrive.

Ooh yeah.