Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden update

I know I'm not blogging often.  Ideas abound, but I usually end up just catching up with a bunch of pictures.  Works for me, but perhaps not too thought-provoking.  Without regular commenters, I tend to think I'm just talking to myself anyway.  So, this becomes my record from year to year of my gardening mistakes and successes, a reminder of when I've started things, and in the winter it reminds me spring does inevitable return and with it, the color green.  That's reassuring in February.

11 trays and assorted pots of seedlings, started in my basement and living room.

Nanking Cherry - this bloom happened last year too, and we got 1 (!) cherry.

Front yard as of today.  Only beans, peas and carrots planted, but perennials and onions everywhere.

It looks like we might eventually get a meal from our asparagus.  About 10 heads poking up so far!

A Mother's Day herb pot.

With a big pepper already starting!

And that's all I've got for you today!  Have a great week.  You may hear from me again if I'm not digging in the dirt or catching up on back episodes of House.

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