Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanskgiving and a new venture

I've been remiss. A lot has been going on around here and I haven't been sharing.

My parents came up over the weekend and we had a really good time together. They came primarily for a wedding, but we saw them much more than the wedding couple did. We celebrated our 17th anniversary over the weekend too, and Mom and Dad took the kids to A&W for supper while Yvon and I had a little date night. That's a rare thing these days. Thank you!

This year we had Thanksgiving leftovers before we'd had our own meal.  Getting together with friends over food is always a good time and the kids always have fun too.  I think by that time Mom and Dad welcomed the break from our  noisy activity too.  They would have been more than welcome to come, but they volunteered to babysit our own turkey roasting in the oven. 

I haven't often prepared a whole Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixin's, but it went off without a hitch. Oh, one hitch.  The cranberry sauce is still in my cupboard!  A small detail.  The table was so full that no one noticed until well after the dishes were done. 

In spite of the fact that Mom doesn't like to can, the pears were most definitely ripe while she was here and when everyone grabbed a knife or peeler, we had all 40 pounds peeled and done in no time. It would have taken me hours on my own. And as Mom and Dad were leaving, on Tuesday I had a big pot of tomatoes on the stove and apple juice juicing too. I still have more tomatoes to do, so I might even get close to my 50 pints worth of tomatoes this year. I have 23 quarts downstairs already.

Mom finished what she kept calling an "ugly quilt". It was meant for Dad, and although not very manly in color, I would definitely not call it ugly. Laura was happy to keep it for her bed. I actually really like it and it's what I would consider trying myself one day and be very proud of it too.

The girls and I have been busy with a little venture lately.

Since our trip to the US this summer, we've been twisting wire into fun shapes.

But what to do with all this jewelry? We're hoping to earn our supplies cost and maybe get a bit of Christmas spending money by selling some of it.

The girls are great at it and have some really nice ideas, so I do hope that some of it will sell.

The first sale is tonight. It's a fairly crafty audience though, so we may not make many sales yet. We're mostly gearing up for a Christmas sale at the community league in a month.

Mom gave me the idea of living a picture frame with velvet and hanging jewelry from it. I don't think this is exactly how she said to do it, but it works and looks great. 

Because one boy at this school had used my sandwich bags for most of last year with good results and interest from friends, I'm hoping that a few of these bags will sell. Any crafty person can sew these up in a jiffy (nothing I do is rocket science), but some people won't bother. And if they figure out how to make them theirselves and do it, that's great too. Fewer disposable ziplock bags in the school garbage cans and I think everyone wins.

I'll report later how the sale went. Now I have some carrots to dig up and leeks to dehydrate. That will leave only the swiss chard, cabbages, turnips and beets in the garden. Slowly, slowly it's all coming into the house.

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Tamara Jansen said...

I hope the sale went well! Rosa mentioned you were doing all this jewelry. It's beautiful :)