Friday, October 14, 2011

On my toes

Birthdays do that to me.  Keep me on my toes. 

I knew Beth had a birthday party to go to tonight, but somehow that didn't translate in my mind to "That girl will need a present".  And it didn't occur to Beth either. 

However, I had a bit of time tonight to create this little book cover.  Quick and easy and it turned out great.  Phew.  Just a bit of panic, but all is well. 

I can't remember when I last bought a birthday present.  I hope kids aren't sick of my gifts yet or think we're incredibly cheap.  I'd have trouble thinking of a 13-year old gift anyway and there's not much worse than wandering a mall with no real sense of purpose.  Blech. 


Tamara Jansen said...

LOVE the little owl :)

Rosa said...

So do I!!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Thanks! I think I should have one too, but adult books come in so many sizes that I wouldn't know what size to make.