Monday, April 18, 2011

This is My Father's World

Last weekend was Laura's final spring concert.

Part of it was dedicated to songs about God's creation. A typical theme in the spring when (normally) we would be seeing new life emerging in our gardens, spring lambs and calves. Or in the miracle of Christ's resurrection on Easter.

But this song was amazing. I listened to them sing it through about three times and then just quietly said "wow". As did my friend in the pew behind me.

I totally forgot to record it, so this is a quickly done version by Beth and I (on the familiar tune) and Laura reciting the portion entitled "What Have We Done?"

This is My Father's World (What Have We Done?)

It was more effective done by the children's choir, but maybe you can hear the social message there. It's not subtle.

We're going to miss the choir director. She's decided not to continue with the choir and even though there may be a replacement, it cannot be the same.

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