Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's my day!

It's our tradition to start birthday's on our bed opening presents. That way, no matter what the rest of the day throws at us, we started the day acknowledging the special day. As far as I know, my parents started that. I don't have many memories of the master bedroom because there was rarely reason to be in there. It was a toy-free zone and not generally much fun. But birthdays always started there.
I lucked out in the gift department this year.

I love Stuart McLean's stories. These appear to be in his own voice, as opposed to years of Dave and Morley. I read a few chapters while eating breakfast in bed this morning. I'd like to read them all at once, but it's not really that sort of book. It's nice to stop and think about what he's written. His observations on the common, everyday things of life.

I also love Bryce Courtney. He can't seem to write a thin novel, but I'm always happy that they go on and on and on and sad when they finally end.

Two local meads from the Calgary area. I'm looking forward to cracking open the Saskatoon Rhubarb one most.

And the bag itself. I've eyed these for a while but haven't had the need so I kept stopping myself. Birthdays and gifts don't have to be about "need" though. Yay! I wonder if I can bungee cord it to the rack on my bike? The rumour is that our neighbourhood is going to open a farmer's market this year.

A child after my own heart, Laura gave me a gift in a reusable little beaded bag. Complete with little beaded jewelry. The way the sun shines through the glass says spring to me. Outside still does not say spring at all, but I believe it's in the air and will one day warm up.

Beth wants you to know that she didn't forget about me. She made me a gift a long time ago, put it on her bedside shelf (she sleeps on the top bunk) and knocked it off while reaching for her glasses. She can't find it now. It's somewhere behind Laura's desk or bed. And she is the child that I think is most like me. I hope not!

Last night I was gifted with this lovely gift: GF crackers. I've been sneaking to the kitchen counter repeatedly to eat one or two. They will not last long. 

Can you see the little letters? Originally they had spelled out "Evelyn 43" but they are very fragile and didn't quite survive the car ride. So cute and so yummy!

The giver of this plum chutney didn't/doesn't know it's my birthday, but I'm treating it as a birthday gift. I don't know what we'll eat it with yet, but it will be enjoyed. I'm thinking pork.

It's only 10:00 and I'm having a lovely birthday already. Happy birthday, me!


Coralee said...

What a wonderful start to your special day... Happy Birthday! HOpe this new year is full of God's abundant blessings for you!

Bonita said...

Happy Birthday dear Sister! Sounds like a great start to your day - enjoy all the yummy food, books and jewels! :-)

Love Bon and family

Yvon said...

You forgot the cookbook that Deb gave you in mid February.

Evelyn in Canada said...

You're right, Yvon! Sorry about that ommission. "The Gluten-Free Chef" cookbook has been in so much use already that I wasn't think of it as new anymore. Thanks, Deb!