Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goopy White Stuff

My day has been full of it. Goopy white stuff.

White grout.

More white drywall compound.

White bread dough and gluten-free bread dough.

Did I tell you we've been experimenting with no-wheat? This bread looks gross, but it's actually not too bad. I'm sure that's another post, but it was goopy and white dough.

A new batch of laundry detergent. Borax and washing soda makes a white jello substance. It's kind of cool.

120 sugar cookies. Although not goopy anymore, the dough was quite sticky and white. And they are not for us. There's a community league event coming up that promises to be quite fun and cookie decorating is involved.

And supper was made by wrapping veggies in slimy rice wraps. Fun and yummy. Dessert ones were also made with combinations of Nutella, bananas and pea butter.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to lay some flooring in the bathroom and finish the grout on the walls. More goopy white stuff.

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