Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You can't get rid of me that easily

I'm still here. I'm just a bit overwhelmed some days. Too many unfinished and unstarted projects that are becoming more urgent by the day.

I had grand plans to show you pictures and tell stories about my summer. I've edited pictures, but don't necessarily have the time to download them into Blogger. Maybe I'll randomly start throwing just one picture into each post for a while and you can match it up with the activity below. Here's one to start.

Off the top of my head, here's some things we did:

  • Kayaked on a lake
  • Wanted to kayak on another too-cold lake
  • Rowed on prairie grass
  • Luxury camped in the mountains
  • Saw snow in those same mountains!
  • Stuck ourselves to a velcro wall
  • Rock climbed
  • Climbed hoodoos
  • Went on a short horseback ride
  • Learned to spin wood on a drop spindle
  • Had more success spinning with a wheel
  • Threw clay on a pottery wheel
  • Wheeled around to my gardens on my bike
  • Grew lots
  • Picked more
  • Canned even more
  • Swam in a lake
  • Swam in city pools
  • Swam in our own pool
  • Took down our pool
  • Milked a wooden cow
  • Tie-dyed shirts and fabric
  • Used a cider press for the first time
  • Ripped out part of our bathroom
  • Ate a lot of s'mores
  • Went to two small-town parades
  • Went to a small-town midway
  • Went to two family reunions

It was all fun, but I'm tired.

I'm glad it's September and hopefully we can get some routine back into our lives. Last week school started (Yay!), and this week Sunday School, AWANA, choirs, piano lessons and Girl Guides started.

An altogether new kind of busy-ness is upon us, but we always start with excitement and it's a good thing. I love September.


Rosa said...

maybe this is the way I should post about my summer!
Your'swas more fun than mine though. . .

Unknown said...

A spinning wheel! Cool! Did you acquire one of your own?

Sounds like you had a great summer. My list would look more like
- put up fences
- moved sheep
- went to Fibre Week
- attacked quackgrass
- put up gates
- caught escaped sheep
- caught a few fish
- moved cows
- attacked quackgrass
- chased escaped cows
- made a bit of jam
- attacked more quackgrass
- knit a pair of socks!

I love my life, it just needs less time at work and more time doing 'real stuff'!

Evelyn in Canada said...

AJC: That is all "real stuff". It's the stuff that makes up your life and what's wrong with that? The quackgrass doesn't sound like fun or even productive, so I'm sorry you had to spend so much time fighting that. Your plan for next year's raised beds sounds like it will make life easier with more time for fun stuff.

And no, I didn't get a spinning wheel. I'm still more interested in the felting process because my knitting and crocheting skills are minimal. However, we tried a wheel from the Stephenson House and it was way easier than the drop spindle method. I still want to work on the spindle though to the point of it being relaxing. Right now I worry about dropping it on my feet all the time as I continually snap the thread!