Friday, September 10, 2010

Sorrel soup and harvest

We are in heavy production mode in the kitchen and gardens right now. I'm drying and grating zuchini, freezing and drying leeks, picked half of the tomatoes, the onions and scallions are in the cold storage, and we tried the sorrel for the first time this week.

Sorrel isn't pretty to look at, so I didn't take any appealing pictures. I was given a few plants in the spring, stuck them beside the raspberries in the alley and they've done surprisingly well. And they tasted awesome in this soup. Tangy and almost lemon-y.

My Sorrel Soup

1/2 an onion
1 Tbsp oil
1 cup of chicken stock
2 cup of water
1 tsp salt
1 cup of blended leftover rice (this makes it creamy, but you can use flour I bet)
3 cups of chopped sorrel
1 tbsp sour cream

Cook the onion in oil. Add everything except the sorrel and sour cream. Boil and then add the sorrel. When soft, use an immersion blender and make it all smooth and creamy.

It's all approximate. Add more water if it's too thick or if your soup-hating kid suddenly wants a bowl. I would have added more veggies like carrots if I'd had any cleaned and ready to go. The sorrel is strong tasting so you don't really need to add anything more though. Add the scoop of sour cream in the individual bowls.

Beth says she no longer wants chicken soup when she's sick. Maybe she think the lemon-y taste is similar to the benefits of hot lemon and honey tea.

On another note, last night the girls and I spent some time pulling up tomato plants and picking all the green tomatoes. I still have about 15 plants to go that are more sheltered against the house, but I wanted to start pulling them all in and clearing sections of the garden.

This year I've been weighing my produce. I have four pounds of shallots (not great from the 1 pound of shallot sets, but more than I've ever had before) and five pounds of decent sized onions. And 50 pounds of tomatoes so far!

Then this morning, as I was flinging my coffee grounds into the garden as is my habit, I saw that we'd forgotten the biggest box outside! I re-weighed it all and I've got more than 80 pounds of green roma tomatoes. How many jars of sauce will that make? I'm in for a bit of work once they ripen up. And I'm totally out of pint jars. Does anyone have any excess? I'll pay for it with some filled jars!

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