Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, I've had this can in my cupboard for about a year.

On a trip to Little Italy last spring, I picked up this can as if I would not see poppy seed filling again for a long time. Not until I could afford another trip all the way to Little Italy. It may only be across town, but it's a tourist destination for me because it truly feels like another city or country. I'm very suburban. Or I like to think I'm almost rural, in my thinking at least. In fact, when I grow up I want to be a farmer. But not a poppy seed farmer. I think they are probably watched closely by the authorities.

But I didn't really know what to do with it. I love poppy seed cakes from bakeries, and I was secretly hoping that there would be a recipe on the inside of the label for the traditional Polish cake that they show.

No such luck, so I just thought about it a lot when I'd spy it in the back of my cupboard.

Not being very Polish, I picked up another book that I thought might have some use for poppy seed filling. I'm not Mennonite either, but there are a lot of references to Pennsylvania Dutch in these books, and that's getting a little closer to my roots. It has one word right anyway.

I have too of her cookbooks. "Food that Really Schmecks" and "More Food that Really Schmecks" and everything I've made from them are lip-schmecking good. Especially any baked goods with buttermilk or sour cream. The Mennonites known by Edna must have all had a milk cow in the front yard.

Anyway, Yvon suggested making a jelly roll. I've never made a jelly roll before, but he said "My mom used to do it all the time. They're easy." Does he think I can do everything his mother can do? I definitely cannot, but it's nice that he has that confidence in me.

So I made a jelly roll. And it worked! It wasn't even hard, probably because of the silicon mat that helped me to roll it up.

Notice the dark end of the roll. That's where the silicon mat doesn't totally cover my pan. It got crusty and cracked as I rolled it, so I was forced to eat it while it was warm. Life's rough.

So, this used up about 1/3 of the big tin of poppy seed filling. Now I have to think of two more things, or just make more jelly rolls. Beth wants baklava for her birthday this weekend so I have to buy phyllo pastry for that. Maybe I can make a layered poppyseed thingy too.

Or I could almost eat it straight out of the tin. It's like honey, a field of poppy seeds and raisins. Smaczegno!


Janet said...

It looks delicious - you make the most interesting things.

Unknown said...

I have those cookbooks too! Love 'em. Everything in them just works.

Have you thought about buns with poppy seed filling? Just a little poked into the centre can be very yummy. Can't remember where I had it, but I remember liking it. :)