Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's 11!

I'm sure I'll never quite get over how big my babies are getting. Beth turned 11 today, and we barely had time to acknowledge it because of all of the other birthdays this weekend. Earlier this week she said she didn't mind if her own birthday was postponed, because it's always a bit disappointing anyway. Ouch!

Well, I hope this year isn't a disappointment.

Alice worked on her gift in January already. Christmas was done and she wanted to get right back into making gifts, even if the recipient wouldn't see if for a while.

Chocolate dipped mints in a beautifully wrapped box. I don't know how that kid would function without the inspiration found within Chickadee and Chirp and the help of her older sister, Laura.

And Laura worked on her gift as soon as we received a boatload of new beads from a friend. Beth's ears will look so pretty and they will match a lot of outfits.

And I worked on my gift on Wednesday. Not quite as much time went into it, but the idea was in my head much earlier, just not the time. Nothing like a deadline to kick my butt into gear. Her new bag looks nice and will replace the Safeway bag she uses for piano lessons now.

This weekend was the "Raise a Reader" book sale which is huge. Every book is $1, many virtually brand new. We filled her new bag last night with most of the Unfortunate Events series (still missing 11-13) and two Gordon Korman series and a beautiful soft leather Bible. The idea for today was that she could return to the sale and fill her bag once more with as many books of her choice. For $15, that wasn't a bad deal and she had fun looking through them all. Now she needs another bookshelf!

Last year I took her out for lunch to a Greek restaurant so that she could have baklava. This year she's 11. No more baby-ing for you, girly. Make your own baklava!

It turned out really good, sticky and sweet and full of nuts, but it's hard to put candles into.

I hope today wasn't disappointing, Beth. Happy 11th birthday, sweetheart!

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