Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pictureless Post

Just some food things from this week because that's what I've often got on my mind.

I tried the Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake (in cupcake format) for the first time. I don't know if it would solicit proposals as she claims, but I do know that a child ate four of them before we even noticed, so they definitely passed the child test. Try this - you'll like it!

Early in the week we marinaded a leg of lamb and ate two meals from it (roasted lamb and then souvlaki with my first successful tzatziki sauce and a quinoa salad). I am still a bit grossed out by the lamb leg. The sawn bone didn't look appealing and I need a ton of lemon juice to make the meat itself taste good. It's the sacrifice I made this week for my beloved husband and his love of lamb.

No sacrifices tonight though. We just had homemade butter and my first sourdough bread from my starter.

Now, if only we'd taken notice of how much the whipping cream cost because that was dead easy and tres yummy. Mmm, mmm, mmm.


Unknown said...

Oh, Ev, eating lamb isn't supposed to be a sacrifice! :)

You might want to try a butterflied leg of lamb - there's no bone that way, and you can grill it up like a steak, or roast it rolled. I don't think I have any more butterflied roasts in my freezer, just bone-in, but I'd be happy to check - and young lamb is much milder in flavour than much of the stuff you get at the store (you can look for 'spring lamb' on the label - otherwise you might be getting mutton, which is definitely stronger). Trimming off visible fat before cooking also really reduces the 'lamb-like' taste.

I find our lamb is very mild tasting, about as different from beef as turkey is from chicken, but not overwhelmingly 'lamby'. I've never actually put lemon juice on my lamb, either, although I have heard of it. We roast it and then eat it with HP sauce, like roast beef. I also have made up a batch of Carla Emery's "Apple Ketchup" which is kind of vinegary and lovely on meat of all kinds. Maybe your favourite steak sauce would help. :)

Adventures of Deesa said...

I dunno... I have tried lamb many many times and have never found the taste to.. well.. my tastes. Sometimes even the best of cooks can't make something taste yummy... it just always has that lamb taste. I'm with ya