Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One more party to go this week

Six years ago (yesterday) my dad was in the hospital with heart failure and I was in the hospital giving birth to this lovely girl.

He got the short straw that day. And we got our third beautiful daughter.

During a school wide chapel assembly, Alice piped up to inform the principal that it was her birthday. I told him that she was definitely a different character than her sisters. We do need diversity in life, and we've got it in our family of girls.

Prompted by the chapel incident (after which the whole school sang Happy Birthday to her), I thought I'd interview Alice.

Me: Alice, are you shy?
Alice: A little bit.
Me: How much is a little?
Alice: 2 pinches

Me: Alice, are you smart?
Alice: YES!
Me: How smart are you?
Alice: 150 pinches.

Me: Alice, are you cute:
Alice: Yes, you know I am.
Me: How cute are you?
Alice: 159 pinches!

Me: Alice, are you humble?
Alice: What's humble mean?

She has plenty of time in life to learn humility. There's no rush, but I thought her answers were interesting. 2 pinches shy vs. 159 pinches cute.

That's about right actually. :-)

I couldn't get a picture of Alice without Cheetos residue on her face during her party, but this is how beautiful she looked in September.

I'd say that's 159 pinches cute.

Happy birthday, cutie!


Coralee said...

OH a Happy Birthday to you, Alice!

Adventures of Deesa said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes Alice! You are very much full of lots of pinches of cute and smart!

Penny said...

I remember sweet Alice when she was 159 pinches shy, hiding behind Dad's legs at the door of the kindergarten room to pick up one of her sisters. She was 159 pinches cute then, too.

How many pinches are required to make one whole little girl?

Happy Birthday Sweetie!