Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Scenes and Related Stuff

I hate it that you have to title your blog posts. I have no idea what to call these random scattered thoughts.

Anyway, here's the scenes from Halloween this year.

As Yvon said, we had a tiger, a happy witch and Cyndy Lauper. And the girls
said, "Who's that?" I remember dressing that way in junior high one year. I knew
who Cyndy Lauper was though.

The older two girls carved up "Jeremy the
Pumpkin" on Friday night. I finished the carving today and Jeremy now looks like

12 - 2c. packages of cubed pumpkin, 2 - 2c. containers of pureed, 2 dozen
muffins, a big pot of soup and some roasted seeds.

The best thing to do with the cubed pumpkin is to make risotto. I promised the recipe to Rosa on her blog, so here's what I use.

Pumpkin Risotto (from Simply Heartsmart Cooking by Bonnie Stern)

1 tbsp olive oil
2 leeks or small onions, diced
1 clove garic
1 1/2 c. arborio rice
2 cups pumpkin cubes (or butternut squash)
4 cups chicken stock
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tbsp chives or green onions
Parmesan cheese or chunks of brie
1/2 cup of toasted pine nuts or chopped almonds

Cook the garlic and leeks in olive oil until tender. Stir in the rice
and coat well. Add the squash and combine well.

On medium or medium high heat, add 1 cup of stock. Stirring constantly, cook until stock has evaporated.

Continue to add stock 1/2 cup at a time until each addition is absorbed. After
15 minutes, start tasting it to see if it's ready. I like that part. Season with
salt and pepper and stir in the chives. Stir in the cheese chunks or parmesan,
and the nuts.

I usually substitute some of the stock for white wine so that I have excuse
to drink wine with dinner. I also added the cheese and nuts. Ms. Stern didn't do
that because it's maybe not so "Heartsmart" anymore, but it tastes better!

66.6% of my kids are home sick today, so I made some comforting pumpkin soup
for lunch too. That's a good use for the puree, especially since it was still
hot and halfway there.
Honestly, I'm getting really tired of filling the freezer with food. Is life
all about food? It seems I've been canning and freezing and preserving for
months already.

I had planned to start on an upholstery project, but I forgot about my weird allergy to pumpkin flesh. My hands are hurting a bit and I just don't think they are up to the task of ripping apart dusty fabric from 1960. Maybe another day.

For now, I'll just rest until Laura comes home demanding food. (Again, it's all about food.) It's unfortunate that my favorite spot on the couch has a child cuddled into my blanket, and my other spot has another child reading aloud from her book. I do hope they're both in school tomorrow and feeling better.

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Bonita said...

Wow, that's alot of pumpkin "stuff". I should really do something with our carved pumpkins today.... which I've never done before. I usually just wait until they are looking like compost material, then feed them to the goats (who appreciate the treat.)