Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Still lent, right?

 I'm still trying to do a bit of organizing, but we've been a little busy around here.

This was a little project that started last summer already when we found a little medicine cabinet at a garage sale.  Laura and I had a vision for it, but had to wait for the room to be finished.

Now it is done and the smaller finishing touches can be worked on.

First we painted the old white with a metallic spray paint.  Leftover paint from the clawfoot tub project.

Tonight we added a little crystal knob.  I mention this because it's pretty.

And because it explains the fingerprints all over the mirror.

 It was really tough to open without the knob.

But it's the inside that qualifies this project as a lenten organization project.  

Laura has this hanging in her small walk-in closet and it keeps all of her earrings and necklaces organized.  I love it and think I might want one myself.

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