Thursday, February 26, 2015

Latest space-saving job

Lenten organization is going well, but it's not daily.  Some days I come into the house and barely have time to cook and eat before running out the door again.  I've signed on for a little singing gig that lasts for another week.  Then I might feel a big more free. 

Also some projects take more than a day.  This is one of them. 

 Besides some cleaning, and donating unused items to Goodwill, this shelf above the window has helped to clear up some space in the kitchen.

I don't know when I've last had an empty shelf in the kitchen.  So exciting!

And there's more too. 

This shelf above the stove (hence that awkward ventilation pipe) has never looked so neat.  And the bonus here is that my favourite pans are now reachable without bending down to a bottom cabinet, a movement that often hurts more than I would like. 

The downside is that Alice can't easily reach them now.  Oh well.  I cook more often than she puts dishes away.  Taller family members will just have to help out while her growth catches up. 

Obviously the old pan cupboard now has space.  I just can't think of what I don't mind reaching down and lifting.  It has to be kind of light and not used often.  Maybe the crock pots?  And the light popcorn maker.  Still thinking about what makes sense. 

I also have a small plan for this shelf that will help in other areas yet. 

I'm really liking how Lent is turning out so far. 

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