Thursday, September 6, 2012

Placemats to school supplies

During the year my mom stops in at garage sales and thrift shops and thinks of her children as she does it.  We don't have as much time as she does to hunt down the bargains and few of us (including herself) actually like to shop much.  I must say that I do enjoy shopping at thrift shops, but malls...uh, uh. 

By the time we see each other she often has a little pile (or a big one) of things that we may have need of or want.  She's a pretty good judge of that so I don't turn much of it down.  I know that she hates the clutter of my house though and would like to know that the items are actually being used and not just stored away in my piles of "maybe oneday" stuff.

So today I thought I'd show off how we turned two placemats she'd bought into school supplies.


I was originally thinking of bags or trim on bags because there wasn't much fabric here.  Laura still needed a crayon roll (my kids are generally last to get this stuff), and there was still enough left over for a pencil case and bookmark.

She's going to be all all very matchy at school this year!

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Coralee said...

love it! Great job, as always!