Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes it comes and bites you in the butt

I enjoy writing a blog.  It's a great place to share stuff that I care about or am thinking about.  It makes me feel productive if I record something I've done.  It's a great forum for sharing creative moments or moments of children's sillliness or brilliance. 

But sometimes it comes back to bite me.

My sister was here for three full days before she said "You make some nice bags right?  And they seem to be so quick to do.  I've seen them on your blog."

Yeah.  What are you getting at?

"Maybe tonight you can show me how to make one quickly.  I could use a nicer knitting bag."  She was leaving in the morning.  I think this was a test to see if I really can sew a bag start to finish in one evening the way I do in a panic before birthday parties.

Fine.  Game on.

It's been a few months since I've made this design because all the kids and their friends have them now.  I have to move onto another birthday present gift.  That meant I had to sort of rethink all of the steps, but her new bag turned out nicely.  And it's got a small zippered pocket on the inside for her scissors and other little knitting accessories.

And she didn't learn a thing.  She sat beside me and visited, but I'm afraid it might be a long time before I see a blog posting on her own blog about a similar bag that she makes.

Then I thought, since I was on the right chair in the right room in front of the sewing machine anyway, I'd make the pencil case that I'd promised Beth. 

The kid's came in from playing with fire in the backyard (We're both good parents.  Really. We just wanted them to feel like big kids for a while and have an unsupervised campfire because it got them out of our way and they sounded happy through the window!).  Her boy saw it and and wanted a pencil case just like it.  And since it was so fast to make... Ouch.  Bitten again.

Before they left in the morning, both of her boys had a new pencil case and their mom had an awesome knitting bag.  Beth and Laura still don't have pencil cases, but I've got until Thursday to deal with that.

These are my new living room pillows and the reason I had such funky fabric in my house in the first place.

 Ikea won't sell less than one full metre of fabric, so after four cushion covers using three fabrics, I'm glad I had a bit left over to play with.

And isn't it cool how all of the stuff coordinates so well with my living room?


Unknown said...

You make cool stuff, Ev.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Aw, thanks!

Bonita said...

Hey.... I did learn something! I learned that my sister is awesome at wingin' it, and I kept you company while you worked. I've received many compliments on my bag already - I love it! Maybe I'll be inspired to knit tonight... or not.

Bonita said...

Oh yeah... and Shirl wants one too!! Bitten again?? :-) I was inspired by my knitting bag and have been working on my shawl - I've done more in the last few days than in the past 6 months. So maybe it pays to have a pretty bag, instead of a plastic grocery bag... it's all in the presentation I guess. Now if you could just make me a funky bag that covers my entire house, I would be motivated to clean!! If that works, you could be super rich, given your awesome marketing skills.