Friday, August 6, 2010

Self-sufficiency and math

The girls were told to practice their math all summer so that they start school without losing any skills they've learned.

Me: So, if I freeze or can six meals a day for 30 days, how many meals will we have?

Beth: 180

Me: We'll eat fresh from the garden during the summer, ending in October with the last tomatoes and potatoes. How many months will we have food in the house for?

Beth: 6

Me: So, if we start eating it in October, when do we start to starve?

Beth: What?!?

Me: On April 1 we will stop eating and start losing weight, until June when our first lettuce and spinach will be ready.

Beth: No, we won't! We'll go to Save-On-Foods!

So much for self-sufficiency, but her math is just fine.


Rosa said...

We'll have to stop eating a LOT sooner than you! :D

Janet said...

Very funny. :0) Your mixed vegetables look wonderful!