Friday, October 23, 2009

Hostages and Craftiness

One of these things is not like the other, but they both belonged in my week somehow.

While on a fieldtrip with Beth's class, there were gunshots and hostages taken between our first stop here...

... and our second stop here.

And how did it affect us all? Obviously we weren't allowed to take the direct route through the police blockade. The school board initially wouldn't let us leave the safety of their building. Oddly, the government had no issues with allowing the other class to walk out of the legislature towards us. Hmm. Safety of children is obviously not their concern.

Anyway, we had an extra long lunch while permission was discussed and then granted. Permission to walk down the steep hill and then back up the steep hill, bypassing the blockade and any danger. And KILLING my legs which were still very sore from an exercise class.

Young kids should always be able to outdo me in fitness, but even with my stiff, aching muscles, there were 10 year olds struggling up the hill worse than I. Especially on the return route, which felt steeper and longer.

Hostages were released much later in the day, we had an awesome fieldtrip and all was well. Except my thighs.

In other news, I finished Laura's hat. She's been wearing it all week and now I want one, and Beth wants to learn how to make one herself. I've gone from neophyte to teacher in one week. Not bad progress.

And the girls have two birthdays next week. I'm still trying to make gifts whenever I can. Luckily these girls haven't yet had been gifted with the notepad/pencil cases. I whipped up two of them this afternoon. I must say that the dollar store placemats have been a very good find.

I've almost saturated the market with these and I'll have to think of something else very soon for this year's round of birthdays. Any good ideas? Maybe I can start crocheting doilies.


Coralee said...

what an awful thing to happen during a school field trip, but I'm glad you all made it out of there safely!

Your crochet had is so beautiful and I'm loving your notebook holder - your best yet (that I've seen)!

Rosa said...

Very Cute!

Teddi Taylor said...

If you can make that hat, you can make this one, which is also super cute:

Anonymous said...

Awesome hat!


Janet said...

What a cute hat! I could use a lesson too :0) I also like the placemat pencil case - what a great idea.